Pork Shoulder
Slow cooked for 10 Hours with your choice of wood, falling off the bone served with Jimmy's X and Jimmy's Glazed Over pork glaze!
Baby Back Ribs
Our Baby Back Ribs are exquisitely tender and expertly smoked. Lightly-sauced with Jimmy's X, these Baby Backs are a treat!
St. Louis Style Ribs
Our Spareribs are served dry, seasoned with our own unique rub then smoked with your choice of wood. a true treat for the rib connoisseur!
Our St. Louis Style ribs are served in true midwestern fashon, wet, wetter and more wet.  Trust us and get some extra napkins!
Rib Tips
A party favorite, buy them by the pound!
Pork Chops
A smokey twist to a old favorite favorite, served wet or dry and your choice of wood!
A whole Pork Tenderloin, richly browned with a white tender center.
and smoked with your choice of wood!
Traditional holiday favorite with our own pork glaze, available year round!
Barbecuing is a long, slow, indirect, low-heat method that uses charcoal or wood pieces to smoke-cook the meat.
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Oak, Apple or Hickory are standard.  Peach, Apricoit, Cherry, Pear, Plum, Pecan Jack Danials Oak Aging Barrel Wood are available for an extra cost.
Browse through our selection of pork products available, If there is something you want but you don't see it let me know, If you can kill it I can cook it.
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